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Welcome to my FREEBIES page

There are a few ways to get my free speech therapy resources. You can click below on any of the pictures to find them. Some of them are FREEBIES in my Teachers Pay Teachers store (it is free to have a TPT account) and some are instant downloads from this webpage. Another way to get awesome freebies is to subscribe to my newsletter (sent out 1-2X/month). If you haven't subscribed already you can do so on the form to the right, by doing so you understand that you are subscribing to my newsletter where I share tips, updates, therapy ideas, & more. If you enjoyed my resources leave me feedback on TPT or comment on the blog post.                                                          

              Thank you!

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Free samples of my Toy Companions

Building brick mats for speech therapy
Toy companion mat for toys cars to use in speech therapy
Speech therapy mats to go with play dough and toy farm animals
Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 5.57.46 PM.png

Initial /f/ sample (English & Spanish)

/sp/ & /st/ sample

Initial /f/ sample

/p/ & /b/ sample

Popular Blog Post Freebies

A visual schedule for speech therapy
A low tech communication board for tellin favorites
Interactive book about shopping

Instant download on the post

English and Spanish Instant Download

Instant download on the post

Articulation Thumbprint Art Freebies

Speech therapy balloon themed thumbprint craft
IMG_2499 2.jpg
Speech therapy watermelon thumbprint craft

Initial /s/ page + blank templates

Initial /k/ page + blank templates

Blank art templates +k pages

Initial/Final /k/ sample + blank page

Popular Following Directions Freebies

These packs come with 5 pages. One & Two Steps (2 levels) and an open ended page (make your own directions!)

Summer following directions worksheets
IMG_1911 copy.jpg
Spring following directions worksheets

Other Fun Freebies! 

Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 5.11.21 PM.png
Screenshot 2019-02-02 16.36.05.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 9.56.36 PM.png

I have over 75 FREEBIES available on Teachers Pay Teacher. Don't forget to follow my store (click "follow" under my name) to get updates on when I post new ones! Click the button below to see all of my FREE downloads on TPT

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