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I have been a long time speech therapy app enthusiast and I write a yearly SLP App List
Click here for the 2018 Version
This page highlights my absolute favorite apps that I use the most in therapy every week! I serve on the Smarty Ears Advisory Board and I have also done numerous app reviews for a variety of SLP app developers.
I recently unlinked my past reviews because most of the apps I wrote about have been updated. I will link to updated reviews when they are available. 
Check out my favorite apps below!  This post contains affiliate links and prices may vary due to developer sales and updates. 
When I look for speech therapy apps I look for the following:
  • Data collection abilities
  • Articulation Apps- full flash card apps (with all phonemes, separating vocalic r) with additional features (games, matching, phrase/sentence level, and story level).
  • Easy to use and set up  
  • Additional features (such as recording abilities, homework pages, report generating, ect...). 
  • Price: Do not expect a full speech therapy app with all of the above listed features to be cheap! Many hours (writing the content, creating the images, formatting, testing, updating, ect...) goes into these! For example: Let's say you bought a full articulation app (with all the bells and whistles) for $50.00. Compare that to the price of buying ALL of the separate articulation card decks + additional games, you would be looking at at price tag of over $150.00!! It's such a good investment, especially if you travel between campuses/clinics!!

My Top 2 Articulation Apps

Articulate it Pro! by Smarty Ears $44.99
Key Features: 
  • Flash cards, matching game, and stories
  • Word level, sentence level, and story level
  • Background themes to choose from
  • Data tracking, report generation, and recording abilities
  • Link to Therapy Report Center (another app that links Smarty Ears apps data)
  • Work on articulation and phonological processes
  • Select targets based on manner or articulation (liquids, glides, nasals, stops, ect...) or number of syllables! 
  • rclusters, sclusters, and lclusters separated.
Articulation Station Pro by Little Bee Speech $59.99 Key Features:
  • Flash cards, matching game
  • Word level, phrase level, sentence level, story level
  • Target articulation and phonological processes
  • Recording capabilities
  • Data tracking and report generation
  • Vocalic /r/ and and blends separatedAdd custom images

My Top 2 Phonolocial Processes Apps

PhonoLearning Center by Smarty Ears $19.99
Key features:
  • Based on Cycles Approach (separates primary/secondary targets and also has advanced targets for older students)
  • Has an auditory bombardment switch
  • Word level, phrases level, and sentence level
  •  Has 4 fun activies: Balloon, Matching, Puzzle, and Paper toss
  • Data tracking and report generating
Phonology Cards by Linguisystems $24.99Key features: 
  • Simple and easy to use app
  • Minimal pairs with a Touch Activity (discrimination) and a Say Activity (production). 

My Top 4 Language Apps

Fun with Verbs & Sentences by Hamaguchi Apps $15.99  
Key Features: 
  •  Work on expanding utterances with visual represented sentences (picture symbols and animation modeling)
  • Data collection and report generating
  • Group or individual
Language Empires by Smarty Ears $12.99
Key Features: 
  • Unique format (students get to drag their figure on the map according to the skill you want to target)
  • Target: predicting, how questions, vocabulary, figurative language, inferencing, sequencing, which questions, and why question. 
  • Data tracking and report generation. 
  • Two levels of difficulty for each target
  • Ability to reduce background images for students who get visually distracted. 
Kangaroo Island by Super Duper $9.99
Key Features:
  •  Work on categories-Photo classifying
  •  6 fun games (class-a-roo, picking parrot, skink ball, turtle river, koala canvas, seal search. 
  • Ability to choose which categories (and how many at a time) to target.
Little Bee Stories by Little Bee Speech $44.99
Key Features: 
  • Sound saturated stories to work on articulation and language. 
  • Reading fluency tools 
  • Comprehension questions, sequencing tasks, story retelling activities, and more! 

Honorable Mention Apps

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