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Digital Speech Therapy by Themes

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

I wrote a post about how I plan therapy sessions around themes (click here to view it) but since many of us are doing distance learning or teletherapy, I thought I would do a quick search the internet for some ideas by theme for digital therapy. I have also spent my summer creating digital activities to use with my own students that I think you will love too. The activities created by me will have ** next to them!

TIP: If you work with pk/k, many schools/teachers teach by themes, I highly recommend getting their theme calendar and coordinating your lesson plans with them! It will be very meaningful for your students (and also help them progress in their classrooms).


Getting to Know You

Freebies: **My Favorites BOOM Cards---- **Virtual Show N Tell ---Questions Getting to Know you by Communication Craze

Paid: **Getting to Know You BOOM Cards ------ Ice Breakers BOOM Cards 4 in 1 by Blooming Noggin---Conversation Tic Tac Toe by Addyb SLP


Freebies: **Back to School with Dougy (free BOOM Card book)----**Classroom Listen Up (coloring worksheet that can be annotated on digitally) ---50 Trials Digital Eraser Companion by Ashley Rossi Back to School---Back to School Initial by Ausome SLP---Following Directions School by OT Sparkle---Back to School Interactive Book by Crazy Speech World

Paid: **Fill the Backpack Articulation BOOM Cards----Back to School Speech Therapy BOOM cards by TypebSLP---Find it Fast School by Speech and Language at Home



Freebies: **Talk Like a Pirate /ar/ BOOM cards---- **Pirate Drilling Sheet Freebie---Pirate Barrier Game by the Crafter Teacher

Paid: **Buried Treasure Articulation BOOM Cards ---- **Talk Like a Pirate /r/ Practice---- **Where's the Treasure BOOM Book---- Pop the Pirate Digital PowerPoint Game by Simply Speaking SLT---Pirate Articulation by SparkleSLP


Freebies: Apple Sorting BOOM Cards by Love of Language ----Apple Sentences by Curriculum Corner---- Colorful Apples Interactive Book by Exceptional Learners---50 Trials Digital Eraser Companion Apples and Stars by Ashley Rossi

Paid: Apple Category Cards by Goldie Talks-_-- Quantitative Concepts with Apples by Ms Gardenia----**NO PRINT Which One Doesn't Belong Apples Edition----**Apple Tree Articulation Drilling BOOM Cards



Freebies: **Halloween Open-Ended Reinforcers---Halloween Following Directions with Negation by Very Visual SLP

Paid: **BOO! Digital Cotton Ball Craft Boom Cards for Articulation----**Carson's Candy BOOM Card Book----**Trick or Treat Articulation Boom Cards---Sequencing and Sentences for Pumpkin Carving by Stacy Crouse


Freebies: **Fall Listen Up (following directions coloring worksheets that can be annotated on digitally)----Build a Scarecrow S/L Freebie by Fun in Speech---45 Trials Coloring Freebie by GoldieTalks

Paid: **Fall No Prep Bundle (Google Slides worksheets for artic/language)----**Where's Max Interactive BOOM Card Book----Let's Talk about it Fall by Ms. Gardenia---Tik Tac Talk Fall by Ms. Gardenia---Adjectives in Autumn by the Whimsical Word


Freebies: Bugs Open-Ended Activity by Shannon's Speech Space---**Halloween Open-Ended Reinforcers

Paid: **Bug Jar Articulation BOOM Cards---Insects Adapted Boom Card Book by Very Visual SLP---**Jacob's Bug Collection BOOM Card book---**Articulation Webs (Google Slides Play Dough Smash Activity)

NOVEMBER (sometimes I continue the fall theme in November)


Freebies: Five Little Pumpkins Song BOOM Cards by My Teletherapy Room---Pumpkin Match Articulation by Speech Stoker

Paid: Pumpkin Patch Interactive BOOM Card Book by Chloe Elizabeth


Freebies: Simple Thanksgiving Conversation BOOM Cards by TelehealthSpecialists

Paid: **What's for Dinner Interactive BOOM Book (thanksgiving food vocabulary)---Thanksgiving Concepts and Directions by Stacy Crouse---Thanksgiving Speech Search by Stacy Crouse (Artic)---Turkey Time Sequencing by My Teletherapy Room


Freebies: **Shopping with Dougy Interactive BOOM Book---Let's Have a Picnic Feeding Game Boom Cards by Therabuddy

Paid: **What We Eat Interactive Functional Vocabulary BOOM Book---**No Print Which One Does Not Belong Pizza Edition---**Sheldon Goes Shopping BOOM Card book--- Food Theme Unit by The Type B SLP



Freebies: Gingerbread Man Story Sequencing cards by Lindsay's Bilingual Speech Support

Paid: **Build a Candy House Artic BOOM Cards--**Which One Doesn't Belong Gingerbread Edition No Print PDF---**Mr. Gingerbread's Button Boom Card Book---Cookie Sheet Syllables by Goldie Talks Speech


Freebies: Boom Book Tree Trimming by Primary Punch---Animated Christmas by BVG SLP

Paid: **Ho Ho Ho Digital Cotton ball Santa Face Craft for Artic BOOM Cards---**Santa is Cold No Print Book (Interactive PDF)---Christmas Build a Scene Articulation BOOM Cards by Miss B SLP---Following Directions Christmas The Whimsical Word---Santa's Bag Speech Sounds by A Perfect Blend---Decorate a Christmas Tree by My Teletherapy Room

This is not a comprehensive list! I searched TPT and BOOM cards quickly and this is what I found (other than my own resources I linked). Have a favorite digital resource that isn't linked? Let me know about it in the comments!

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