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How I plan therapy around themes Aug-Dec

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Themes are my best friend when planning therapy. They give you launching point to find activities, resources, crafts, or other activities to address all of your students' goals and objectives. When you follow a theme schedule it will also streamlines your organization, I create bins with books and materials related to the theme. After using this method for a couple of years, you work is done! I have built 2-3 years worth of cycles of activities that are tucked away on a shelf ready to go (I cycle different books and activities out each year so students don't get bored with the same stuff). I do the same for my digital files. I have a folder for each month and then a folder within in that for each theme. I am going to share an example of one of my theme schedules for the whole school year, hoping it will motivate you to do the same. This post will cover August-December. Look for my post on January-May in December. I have added books, crafts, TPT resources, games, and freebies suggestions for each theme. These are just to give you some ideas! You will have to tailor your selections to your unique caseload/clients. {Some of the links are Amazon affiliate}

AUGUST (I only have 2 weeks in August to plan for)

Getting to Know You

Back to School


School Theme (continued from August)


Pirates! (my favorite)







Thanksgiving Food

Giving Thanks or Gratitude

DECEMBER (I only plan for two themes due to Christmas break)


Holiday themes (this depends on your school guidelines)

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