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A School-Based SLP's Start to the Year

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Are you a school based SLP about to start the new year off?

Work week before students arrive:

  • Step 1: Get the master schedule for your campus (lunch times, PE times, recess times, etc...). This will help you make blocks on your schedule for each grade level.

  • Step 2: Get class rosters as soon as they are complete. Go through and highlight all of your speech studetnts' names so you know where to find them.

  • Step 3: Get your IEPs/logs/data collection paperwork ready to go.I keep a binder with all student IEPs and I make sure it is updated. By this time we have received some new students (from registration) and I make sure all of those records have been requested.

I use a specific form and calendar that I created after I was audited my first year. I type the students' goals on the top and then I fill it out by hand during each session. I have tried other methods of documenting daily session notes but have failed miserably. I absolutely love my form and it also works well with Medicaid billing.

  • I also try to meet with all of my students' teachers on the Autism Spectrum and discuss strategies and go over their IEP/accommodations (I was on the district Autism Team). I find it very beneficial to meet face to face and discuss things that work, student interests, and ideas for their classroom.

1st week of school:

  • I do not see students the first week of school. This is specified in each of their IEP documents (direct services begin the 2nd week of school). I use the first week of school for indirect services and scheduling.

  • The first day of school I typically will check to see if any new speech therapy students have enrolled (our office asks all parents who register if their children have any special education services). I also like to walk through breakfast and lunch and say hi to the students.

  • 2nd day of school: After I verify who showed up at school, I do a first draft of my schedule: The only thing I can do with my schedule this first week is to schedule blocks for the different grade levels as mentioned above, but I will start filling in names now too.

  • By Thursday, I ask the office for any changes to the class rosters/master schedule (and check for any new enrollment) and update my schedule with any new student names (remember I already made a draft schedule with the time blocks for each grade level, this should make it easier for you to plug in student names). When I get this done, I send out an email to the teachers and give them each student's time.

  • Friday, I adjust the schedule based on teacher feedback from the day before and hope for the best! LOL I usually keep editing my schedule for the first month of the school year.

2nd week of school

I usually do a fun "get to know you" activity for the first day of speech therapy. It is a good way to collect informal data and get the students used to their new speech groups. I have an awesome packet called "Getting to Know you in Speech Therapy" that I love using for this purpose which includes BOOM Cards if you need digital (with 1st grade and up). For my prek/k students, I like using "My Favorites" boards and a game called "Roll N Play" to start things off with.

3rd week of school

This week I really focus on collecting baseline data and see where all my students are skill wise. I have used a variety of progress monitoring tools. I LOVE SLP Toolkit for this purpose (all of your data in one place). Check them out for a free trial through my affiliate link:

4th week of school

This is where I start my thematic therapy lessons. Please see my blog post that outlines how I plan therapy with themes. Click here to see how I plan my speech sessions

I also have this post about themed lesson:

I list theme ideas and also link to some of my favorite resources and crafts!

Do you have any questions or tips for me for how you start your year off? Leave me a comment or email me at!

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