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  • Mandi Schaumburg Speech Language Pathologist

Back to School Resources for Speech Therapy

I wanted to share a few of my favorite back to school resources! I will post them in two categories: FREE and paid. Feel free to leave me your favorites in a comments. Click on any of the pictures or underlined text to find them on Teachers Pay Teachers (it is free to open an account if you don't have one already).


This is one of my popular following directions activities that come in 1 & 2 step directions (with 2 difficulty levels). I also included a "Make your own directions" page too! I have a variety of Listen Up FREEBIES in different themes!

This is a fabulous freebie with simple to prep cards that target school supplies and locations around the school. It is a great way to go over this functional vocabulary for young students.

Need an interactive book to teach/reinforce basic school supply vocabulary? Try this one! I love how she graciously posted this whole book for free!

This no-prep/low ink book is a fun way to work on color identification, following directions, and basic concepts! The student is prompted to color the pictures on each page according to a basic concept and color prompt (color the big pencil red, color the pencil in the middle black, color the 3 pencils green, ect...)


This is the perfect activity to do the first week of speech. It is packed with fun activities to help get to know your students and collect informal data. Best of all it is only $3.00!

Your students will love lifting the flaps to look find the school supplies in the backpack! This book targets functional vocabulary, MLU, inferencing, and more! It has three interactive elements to keep your students engaged! (lift-able flaps, picture symbols, and a desk to put the school supplies on.

This is a simple no prep way to work on articulation in a fun back to school theme! The students will fill up the back pack with school supplies that target their specific sounds (commonly targeted phonemes included). It comes with a regular and "easy cut" version. Also check out the similar craft Articulation Classroom for another fun back to school craft.

This pack covers a wide variety of language skills for an elementary caseload. The best part is that it is no prep (print and go). They are great for therapy or to send for home practice. It comes in a bundle with an articulation version (for a discount).

These are fun no prep articulation worksheets that reveal a picture as the student practice articulation words. My students love these and they also make great homework! I have over 30 packs like this available in a variety of themes. I also have language versions available!

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