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  • Mandi of Panda Speech.

2018 SLP App List

I recently updated my SLP app list and I wanted to share it with you. These apps are on iPad right now and I use consistently in my therapy room. Not much has changed from last year except I added a few apps to the list (and updated my top 6 apps at the end). I did not include the links this year but you can easily find them by searching their names in iTunes. Enjoy!

As always, I am always looking for new therapy apps (or apps that can be adapted for therapy). If you have used a great app that is not on my list, please leave the name of it in a comment.

App Developers: This list is strictly what I use in my sessions, I do not take submissions for the list. You may email me your app suggestions at I have done app reviews in the past and I am open to doing more. Typically the process takes several weeks (I have to download the app with the code, try it out over several sessions, and then write my review). Depending on my lesson plans and schedules, it could sometimes take longer! Thank you for understanding!

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