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  • Mandi Schaumburg

Pip Road Trip Contest

I had so much fun last year with my Pip the Panda road trip challenge so I decided to do it again! It is very simple ---> If a photo I share on my Instagram or Facebook has my little Pip in it (a stuffed animal panda); comment, share, and/or tag a friend to get entered to win (each action is one point!). When I get home I will tally all of the points and the top three people will get to choose a BTS (back to school) product from my store! We are headed back to Florida again this year but are doing some different things this time (last year we went all over the south sight seeing). We had such a great time at Disney that we wanted to go back (this time for longer). (Sadly I missed the TPT conference by 3 days!!) There will be some new stops on the way. We leave on Friday June 15th so stay tuned on my Facebook or Instagram page!

So remember:

  • Look for photos of my vacation with Pip in them (look carefully he may be small) and like them!

  • Comment (say anything you want or put just an emoji), tag a friend (to get them to play along), and/or share the post (re-gram is fine as long as it links back to my account). You don't have to do all of these but each one gets you a point (so you could potentially get 3+ points per post, each tagged friend is a separate point).

  • Follow along until I get back!

  • BONUS- Comment on this blog post for one extra point!!!

(disclaimer: you won't get double points for commenting on the same post on FB/IG)

Here are the products you could win!

Color by Skill No-Prep language pack. This covers categories, compare/contrast, associations, describing, wh questions, and opposites!

NO-PREP Back 2 School Language Pack! This one is packed with language targets (and all NO-PREP). It targets categories, which one doesn't belong, associations, positional vocabulary, compare/contrast, following directions, social skills, subject-verb agreement, sentence absurdities, listening comprehension, feelings, BINGO game, wh-questions, rhyming, synonyms, antonyms, and more! I have a freebie following directions sample available Click HERE.

Getting to Know you In Speech Therapy! This is a great way to get to know your students at the beginning of the year (and get to know each other). It contains the following pages:

This is me (drawing your portrait), My Favorite Things, My Pet, My Family, My Summer Vacation, Color the Classroom, Design-a-T-shirt, My Perfect Lunch, Why I Come to Speech, and a Carry Over page.

This is a quick roll and say type coloring (or dotting) activity to work on commonly targeted phonemes. Currently it has k, g, f, s, l, sh, pre-vocalic r, rblends, sblends, and lblends.

Glue it! Phonological Processes. This is a quick, simple worksheet to target common phonological processes targeted in therapy (final consonant deletion, cluster reductions, velar fronting, and stopping). This isn't posted yet but it will be when I get home from my vacation (by August 5th).

An interactive "lift-the-flap" book. This is a cute book that targets school supplies vocabulary. The students get to lift the flaps to get school supplies and put them on the desk! It comes with coloring activities and a comprehension page with pictures.

I hope you follow me as a trek across the south again! Check out some of the pictures I posted last year!

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