• Mandi

NO or LOW Prep? Yes Please!!!!

I don't know about you, but I have had a BUSY second sememster so far! I have fifteen evaluations to complete on top of my normal workload of therapy, progress reports, billing, and all of the miscelaneous stuff that goes with our job!

This year it seems I have relied on NO or LOW prep materials more than I ever have before! I started making them last summer to get prepared for the busy school year and I am so glad that I did! I have also purchased many GREAT no prep materals from other SLP authors.

I wanted to share some of my favorites for spring and also some that can be used year round! All of the products mentioned below have been therapy tested and approved by me! :) Click on any of the images or titles to go directly to Teachers Pay Teachers.


I have started making mammoth NO-PREP language packets. My goal was to have several worksheets for every student on my caseload that I could use in therapy and also send as homework (each objective has several different worksheets for this purpose). My spring edition is availalbe now and it has over 81 content pages! I also included some bonus items with it!

I also have Spring Basic Concepts Coloring books available. These are easy to make (no-prep) coloring books that target colors, counting, positional vocabulary, and following directions. The spring edition comes with 6 books! (I also have a year round version that includes 28 books)!

Spring Color-By-Skill Language Packet. This is the spring edition of one of my popular products. Work on categories, wh questions, associations, describing, opposities, and compare/contrast while your students color!

Which One Doesn't Belong NO PRINT game. Talk about no prep, this one has literally ZERO! You just open it up on your iPad, tablet, or computer and play! I have many NO PRINT "tap-able" games in my store! The student will name all of the objects in the box and tap the on that doesn't belong. If they tap an incorrect picture, it directs them to a "try again" screen. If they tap the correct picture, they are directed to an expressive task page. The student will say how the other objects go together (identifying the category). SLPs have loved the receptive and expressive tasks with this game! I also included NO-PREP worksheets to send home as homework! Click here to see all of my NO PRINT materials.

Find It Minis for Language Skills by Small Talk SLP. Work on 10 different language skills with these cute mini books! I have sent these home with students and received compliments from their parents about them!


Artic Swat Bundle: This is my new FAVORITE! I have so many little boys in therapy that like smashing and splatting! This product comes with low prep mats (print and laminate/put in page protector) that have articulation flies on food! The students have to smash the flies off of the food (with black play dough) or swat them off with fly swatters! It really is a blast! This product also comes with no-prep black and white versions to use with dotters or crayons/markers. Available for all sounds (initial, medial, final positions), blends, and vocalic /r/ patterns. You can purchase the early and later sound packs separately (but the bundle is discounted).

Speech-ZEE was my original game that is played similar to Yahtzee. I created custom score cards that contain articulation targets for later developing sounds. This game was designed for older students on your caseload (2nd grade and up). The scoring is simple (by 5s) and my students (and other SLPs) are having a blast with it. This includes score cards for the phonemes in initial, medial, and final positions. I also separated the vocalic /r/ patterns and blends!

Dab-A-Sound: These packets provide a quick way to work on commonly targeted sounds with bindo daubers. Roll a die and practice the phoneme that many times! This is my Football Edition.

Articulation Sudoko by Talkin' with Twang. I love this product! My students love having something new to do in therapy! She included all sounds in all positions!

Pick and Speak by A Perfect Blend. These are an articulation spin on paper fortune tellers! I love this because I used to make these in middle school (except my version predicted which boy you liked you ha ha ha). These are great because they are hands on and definately something different!