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5 Things You Didn't Know About This SLP! LINKY

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Today I'm here to share 5 things that many of you didn't know about me. I have linked up with some other SLP bloggers who share about themselves too! Click the image below to visit our host of the LINKY, The Speech Space, and to read more!

1. I live in Texas but I was born in a tiny mountain town in Montana! I was born in Whitefish, MT which is close to Glacier National Park! It is heaven on earth! All of my mom's family still live up there and I LOVE visiting! I told my husband that we need to buy a summer cabin there (he may need to get a couple extra jobs to fund that dream! lol)

2. I know the choreography to most of MIchael Jackson's songs. I was in dance and musical theater since childhood and through college. Now that I am a busy professional and mom, I don't have time for that creative outlet in my life. I feel the void by learning choreography off of music videos and dancing in my living room. This ONLY comes in handy at weddings and family get-togethers! ha ha ha

3. I am a parent of a child with Aspergers or High Functioning Autism. Our middle child was diagnosed at age 3 with Sensory Integration Dysfunction and with ASD at age 7. It definately gives me a good perspective of what some of my patient's family go through in day to day life!

4. Speech Pathology is my second professional career. I used to be a social worker for Child Protective Services (did it for 3 years). I helped families resolve issues that got them involved with CPS (life skills training, parenting classes, drug rehab, anger managment, job resources, ect..). It was a TOUGH job, but it has helped me as an SLP understand some of the family dynamics that our students deal with!

5. I am a certified crazy dog lady! My dog Fannie (the cutest Boston Terrier in the world) has her own hashtag on instagram! #fanniemorene! My 3 boys are getting older so she is my baby and we are attached at the hip!

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