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Take a Peak into my Therapy Room

I am currently a private contractor and work at several locations and via tele-therapy. here is how I use to set up my therapy room when I was working in one place. 

A bulliten board with visuals for teaching on it
 An articulaton bulliten board
A speech therapist's desk set up with hanging organization tools
A bulliten board with articulation word lists

Check out my adaptive and interactive book wall! I use these types of books everyday in therapy! I have a lot of prek-1st graders and special education students who these work wonders with! I had so many but they were all tucked away! Now I can see easily see what I have!  I plan to put the seasonal ones on the hooks!

 I loved my little space! I was fortunate to have a pretty good size room with lots of storage for all of my toys, games, and materials! I had a carpet area, 2 work tables, and a reading corner! I used functional decor all round my room. Read more about that HERE!

An interactive book walls. Books are hung on the wall with hooks
Example of a therapy game using Language Blocks

Carpet time! I do a lot of activities on the carpet! I have a fun & bright carpet in my room that the kids love! It has clouds around the sun, so it provides a good boundry for the students to sit on! In this picture we are playing my popular game Language Blocks!

Check it out in TPT here!

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