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FUN-ctional Speech Room Decor

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

I have to admit something, I am not a good interior designer. I can create a resource for days, but give me empty wall space....

I decided that I was not going to stress about decorating my new (large) speech room, so I searched TPT & Pinterest for functional speech room decor.

I also decided that if I am going to have this wonderful stuff on my wall, I wanted some of it to be removable! I wanted to be able to take it down and use it with students at the table or on the carpet. So after hours of searching, printing, laminating, velcro-ing, and magnet-taping; my room is ready!


I found these fabulous Speech Sound Posters by Kiwi Speech that have lists of words and a tongue twister challenge on each. They look beautiful and they are removable! I put magnet tape on the back and store them in a lovely arrangement on my white board (affiliate Amazon link).

While I was in Kiwi Speech's store, I also found her speech helper mini posters. I thought they were a great compliment to my articulation visuals wall!

I also put up this cool Articulation Word Wall by Nicole Allison. She created this with Fry words (the most commonly used words) sorted by phonemes. At the end of some sessions, I have students pick a word from their sound list and write a sentence! It is so awesome to tie articulation into the curriculum this way.


I have soooo many students working on various vocabulary targets. I created these quick language visuals to go with some of my products but I recently put them together in a Quick Language Visuals Pack. Click here to view it. You could put these up on your magnet board with magnet tape too! I pull these out with any lesson to have a quick reminder of strategies or concepts

I found these Vocabulary Posters several years ago by Speech Room News (again put up with magnet tape).

Parts of Speech posters by Kiwi Speech! She really has a ton of stuff right up my alley! These are fabulous to pull off the wall for a quick reference!

If you didn't know already, I am obsessed with using interactive and adaptive books! I use books by the Autism Helper, Speech Room News, and Panda Speech of course! I even filled up some wall space by adding hooks and hanging them!

Here is my book wall in my room last year. I need to add more hooks to my new room!

I have recently debuted a series of interactive and adaptive lift-a-flap books. They are highly engaging and a hit with many students across the country!


I don't have many fluency students this year, but I like to keep visuals ready to go for any student who might walk in my speech room. I created these mini-posters for teaching common fluency strategies with visual cue cards. I put them on a ring and hung them on my board!

I recently updated my cards with fresh images! Check them out!

I have other little "speechie" touches around my room.

Exit Slips for Language by Creative Speech Labs, Speech Pathologist Poem (FREE) by Creative Speech Labs, and "In Our Speech Room" Poster (FREE) by Speech Room News. My Mighty Mouth puppet is also on display at the corner of my desk (I love using it to demonstrate tongue placement).

Decor for Paperwork!

This part may not be fun, but it's functional! I use plastic hanging file holders to organize my new referrals, ARD (IEP meeting) prep, current evaluations, and send home paperwork. It fills up wall space and keeps me sane! I love that I can reach them from my desk.

More Speechie Stuff:

I also let my visitors know where I am with this fun sign that I made (available in my TPT shop too).

I recently bought a lava lamp for my office. I have already used it with a student as a calming down tool! I bought the fun "See You Later" sign on Zulily and the hanging canvas bag from Hobby Lobby (a store like Michael's). I store all of my visual schedules and other visuals in this bag (handy when you are in need of one quick!)

Carpet Time!

My school graciously bought this beautiful rug for my classroom. It is functional because the numbered clouds provide a place marker for my students to sit on. The sun area is where we put the game or activity and each student has to stay on their cloud until it's their turn.

I hoped you enjoyed this little tour of my speech room! Using decor to support student progress is pretty cool! Feel free leave me more ideas in the comments below!

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