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Thank you for purchasing Sheldon Goes Shopping by Panda Speech® LLC. I created this book to help my speech therapy students but is perfect to use with any young child. The target age range is 2-5 years old depending on skill and interest level. 


Your students will love lifting the flaps to help Sheldon find all of the food items on his list.  This book targets functional vocabulary (food items),  increasing utterances, yes/no questions, and more! It has two interactive elements to keep your student or child engaged!  (lift-able flaps and moveable pictures) 

Read the book with your child or student. At the top of each page, it asks the child is to look in the basket to see if the food item is on Sheldon’s list. The list is visible on the left left side of the book at all times for the child to refer to. Prompt the child to lift the flap and look and see. They will then answer yes/no (verbally or by pointing to the symbols on the page). The child will match the food picture symbol (move-able square images) to the box in the phrase and verbalize the (“I found _____”). Tapping the boxes as they say it (model when appropriate) encourages verbalization! As the students find each item,  they will notice the basket on the left side of the pages filling up with the items on the list. Use the following supplemental worksheets/activities if desired. 


Supplemental materials (free downloads). All available in one downloadable PDF below


Picture supported comprehension page: Use a bingo dotter, marker, or crayon to color the answers to the questions. This is a great follow up activity.

Cut & Paste Craft: You can use this while reading the book or afterwards to reinforce the vocabulary. Color the food items, cut them out, and paste in the cart. 


Read & Color: I use this page as a reinforcer for the vocabulary. After each page in the book, the student will color the object they found on the page. 

Shopping Cart and Food Manipulatives: These are full color printables that you can print out, laminate, and play while using the book. My students love putting each item in the cart when we find it in the book (adding another level of interaction and engagement!).


Sheldon Coloring Page: Bonus coloring sheet featuring Sheldon and his groceries.  

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