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My original Listen Up Freebies have had over 825,000 downloads. I get request for these so often, that I decided to offer a premium package. This package comes with current 8 freebies in one download,  1 bonus freebie, 3 sets only offered in my no prep bundles, and 8 ALL NEW sets (not availalbe anywhere else).  You will get 20 following directions sets in an instant download after purchase. PLUS anyone who purchases this offer just might get a bonus Listen Up freebie exclusive in the future (wink wink). Let's do the math: That is 100 pages for only $10  ($40 value). 


These worksheets are great for listen skills, following directions, listening for details, describing, positional concepts, carry over practice for articulation/fluency/ language, and so much more

 Each set includes:

  • One step directions level one  (no color specification). 
  • One step directions level two (specifies color). 
  • Two step directions level one (no color specification). 
  • Two step directions level two (specifies color)
  • Open ended or make your own directions. 


The therapist/teacher will read prompts listed on the right side of the paper to the student(s). The student will color the picture according to the directions. No-prep and low ink! 


Variations: Use the open-ended page and have the students give each other directions.


Tip: Cut of the directions if you don’t want them to cue the student.


8 TPT Freebies included (all available to download now without this purchase). 

-Seasonal Listen Ups  (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)

-Holiday Listen Ups (New premium sets: Halloween, Thanksgiving )

-Camping Listen Up

-Classroom Listen Up

(I have received hundreds of requests to put these all in one download, don't worry these will be free forever). 


Freebies included but not available on TPT

-Christmas Morning Listen Up (a new premium set only  available through my email sign up)


Sets included in my No Prep Language Packs that are not available separately:

-Pirate Listen Up

-Valentines Listen Up

-Baseball Listen Up


NEW Premium Sets included:

-Under the Sea Listen Up

-Zoo Listen UP

-Circus LIsten Up

-Snowy Day Listen Up

-Pumpkin Patch Listen Up

-Spring Day Listen Up

-Pets Listen Up

-Space Listen UP


What is the difference between regular and premium sets? Premium sets have an updated look and graphics. They contain check boxes beside each direction for the therapist or child to use to keep track (check off the directions as you go or mark correct/incorrect). The regular sets are the same format but just in my original style.


It is important for children to be able to follow instructions so that they can function effectively across different settings and situations (at home, school, grocery store, summer camp, a friend’s house, at church, etc..).  


Following instructions is a part of everyday life. It is the ability to act on requests made by others in social, educational, and vocational settings. Following instructions requires a person to attend to spoken language, sequence the information in the appropriate step,  and seek clarification when needed. 


These worksheets are a fun way to practice these skills while doing a non-demanding task, and can help carry over to other academic tasks later.  It helps increase the child’s ability to sequence and execute simple steps, listen for details, and demonstrate their understanding of language concepts. I also teach my students to ask for help, repetition, or clarification when we complete these types of worksheets (encouraging self advocacy).


Please direct any quesitons BEFORE you purchase.

Premium Listen Up Following Directions Worksheets Sale Extended

$40.00 Regular Price
$8.50Sale Price
  • Paid Product: This is a single user license ONLY. DO NOT share, copy, email, save to a shared drive, or redistribute this file in any way. If you wish to share with a colleague, please direct them here. 

    Free Product: Single user download ONLY! Please direct others to my store if you want to share! Share links, not documents. It is illegal to share my product files. 
    *You may not copy any part of this document (content, layout, format, idea, design) and reproduce it or create a similar product using my idea. All rights reserved to Amanda Schaumburg of Panda Speech, LLC. This original activity was imagined and created by Amanda Schaumburg, all rights reserved. PLEASE RESPECT COPYRIGHT LAWS!!

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