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How to Use Small Paper Cups in Speech Therapy

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

I love finding creative ways to use simple objects in speech therapy. I wanted to share today how to use small paper cups (such as Dixie brand cups or bathroom cups). Scroll through the images to get some ideas! Keep scrolling to the end to get a FREE mat that you can use with these types of cups. If you want to buy some Dixie cups on Amazon click here (affiliate).

If you want a more structured activity, I created mats to go with these types of cups and pom poms. Click here to get a FREE sample of the mats on TPT (it is free to sign up for a TPT account if you don't have one). I created these mats to have a structured base to use cups and pom poms with (I provide the targets you provide the cups and pom poms). My students love this activity (they love anything that involves movement and competition) and I think yours will too.

Check out the full sets below (available in a bundle)

Artic Toss: A speech therapy game

Vocab Toss: A speech therapy game

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Thanks for reading! I hope you have found this post useful! I know how busy speech language pathologists are and my hope is to ease some of your planning time with practical therapy ideas that are are quick and easy to use.


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