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How to use a popular toy in therapy!

I have a LOVE for building brick toys! My own three boys grew up with the sets (and when they were younger, I spent countless hours helping them build them). It was precious time that I will remember forever. Now my 12 year old still likes my help but only as the parts person (I hand the next brick/part needed). I have collected BUCKETS full of these toys and I decided to bring them to therapy many years ago to use as a reinforcer. I then thought "How can I use these directly in therapy?" This is how Earn Your Bricks toy companion mats were born. I created language and articulation mats that require the student to practice a speech or language objective to get the toy. I wanted to show you how I use them in therapy (and how I adapt it for different types of learners). Please watch my quick demo below:

Here are the link to the mats on Teachers Pay Teachers. Some are available in bundles (check the item description).

Earn Your Bricks Artic

Earn Your Bricks Artic Spanish

Earn Your Bricks Language

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