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  • Mandi Schaumburg Speech Language Pathologist

A New FUN Game for therapy.

It is well known that I am a huge Jenga fan. I just love the game. I have created many engaging products that SLPs can use with this game to work on a variety of speech and language objectives. The creators of Jenga just came out with a new exciting version. It is called Jenga Quake. It is played just like the original except the blocks are plastic (instead of wood) and they are on a base that shakes (quakes) to make the game play more difficult and fun. My upper elementary students and middle school students really loved the extra challenge. I loved that I could use all of my speech and language blocks mats with it! Check out the video below to see a demo!

Here are the resources I mentioned (all available on Teachers Pay Teachers). They come in some bundles (check the item descriptions to see the bundles).

Langauge Blocks

Langauge Blocks Spanish

Articulation Blocks

Articulation Blocks Spanish

Conversation Blocks

Fluency Blocks

Check out Jenga Quake here on Amazon

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