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How I plan therapy around themes Jan-June

This is the second post in a two post series about using themes in therapy. If you didn't catch the first one, you can read it by clicking here. Using themes streamlines my planning and cuts down my prep time because I collect items each year and save them in monthly bins! Here are some quick theme examples to use during the second semester.


  • Winter

  • Snowmen

  • Sports

  • MLK


  • Groundhog Day

  • Valentines Day

  • Presidents


  • Bugs

  • St. Patrick's Day

  • Spring

  • Seasons of the Year


  • Easter (or Bunnies and Chicks depending on your school polices)

  • Weather (Rain, Thunderstorms)

  • Earth Day


  • Animal

  • Flowers and Plants

  • Zoo Animal


  • Summer

  • Ocean Animals

  • Pirates

  • Seasons (Summer vs. Winter)

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