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A New Hilarious Game Option for Speech

I am a sucker for obnoxious board games like Ned's Head, Gooey Looey, and Don't Break the Ice. I love games like these because they are engaging for my students and they LOVE them (even the gross ones motivate my students to practice speech and language skills). I work primarily with elementary aged students (and a big percentage of them are boys). I recently stumbled upon a new game called Squawk on Amazon. This game is hilarious! Here is a video of me demonstrating it!

The object of the game is to collect as many chick tokens as you can. The student will roll the dice and push or squeeze the chicken that many times. The chicken will randomly lay an egg. The coin in the egg has a fried egg on one side and a chick on the other side. The student will crack open the egg and let the coin fall to the ground, if it lands on a fried egg, their turn is over. If it lands on a chick, they get to collect a chick token. It is super simple, fun, and a bit annoying after one or two groups! ha ha ha!

I had to make some articulation mats to go along with it (of course!). Here is what it looks like when I play this game in speech. The student has to practice a target word on the mat before they take their turn. I use bingo chips to mark the words they already practiced. My students were so excited to see this game in speech today (they said they saw it on TV).

What is your favorite game to use in speech? Let me know in the comments!



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