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2017 SLP App List

Many of you may not know this, but I got my start in the online SLP blogging world by doing in depth app reviews (2012). Since then, I have moved on to other things but I still occasionally do some reviews (check out my latest review of Social Quest here). In 2013 I created an app list called "App List-Straight from an SLP's iPad" sharing only what I was actually using in therapy. It was very popular at the time because apps in therapy were a novel thing and many therapists didn't know where to start. I have had many requests to do an updated list and this is what inspired me to finally do it!

The apps you see on this list have been tested out and used in therapy by myself, my interns, and my students. I only included the apps I have found useful (definitely not a comprehensive list) and that are actually on my device right now. This list is a little better than my last version because it has click-able links on the app icons (makes it easier for you to get them)!

I was a traveling therapist for many years, so apps became my new best friends! I especially loved my articulation apps that reduced the need to haul around all of those card decks!

After downloading, if you have a favorite app that is not on my list, leave me a comment so I can check it out! I am always looking for new engaging apps to use in therapy!

Click on the image below to download the list!

The links in the list are affiliate links through iTunes.

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