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What's in Your Cart? Linky Party!!

IT'S HERE!!! The back to school sale on Teachers Pay Teachers! Save to 28%!!

I have a lot of new products in my store and I am filling my cart with other great resources from some awesome SLPs!

Thanks to Jenna with Speech Room News for hosting this Linky!! It is fun to see what others are are snaggin' during the sale! :)

My newest product is my Color-By-Skill NO-Prep language pack! It is a coloring activity (similar to color by number) that targets: categories, associations, compare/contrast, describing, wh-questions, and opposites! There are 24 worksheets (all black & white) with 4 in each target areas. This is perfect for pk-1st grade kiddos with language objectives! I have already tested it out in therapy and it was a hit! This packet has a back to school theme! (I will be adding other themes soon!).

The next product line I am excited about is my Category Activities. Currently I have Pizza Categories, Cookie Jar Categories, and Fishing for Categories (pictured). Each activity comes with 10 activity boards to sort items into categories (you sort toppings on to pizzas, cookies into cookie jars, and fish into buckets!). It also includes 2 card decks (name the category and name items in a category). You will also get 8 different worksheets (to use in therapy or to send home!) I included to craft pages for extra fun!

Functional Vobulary Books: This download includes five adaptive and interactive books! (You can buy them all separately too). Have fun learning & matching functional vocabulary and completing carry over pages to reinforce the concept! Included Books:

→ Road, Water, or Sky? An Interactive Book About Vehicles

→ Breakfast or Lunch? An Interactive Book About Food

→ Winter or Summer? (or Hot or Cold?) An Interactive Book About

→ Clothing (this book contains two books with different vocabulary levels: winter/summer clothing or hot/cold clothing).

→ Land or Water Animal? An Interactive Book About Animals → Kitchen or Bathroom? An Interactive Book About Household Objects

These books are great for: functional vocabulary, increasing MLU (mean length of utterance), matching skills, expressive/receptive language skills following directions, and listening skills. They were designed to be simple and functional without a lot of distracting images or text. I hope you find them useful! I love using them in speech therapy sessions! Many children will recognize the functional vocabulary in these books and get excited to use the symbols and pieces!

I now want to tell you what I am going to buying (or what is in my cart!!). I wanted to get new social skills activities~ I am excited about the following products from other SLP sellers:

I hope you get some good deals!! Don't forget about my newest FREEBIE Battling Boats (an open-ended game!).

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to follow me on TPT, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest! (Links under the "Contact Me" tab).

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