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  • Mandi SLP of Panda Speech

Speech and Language Tips for parents

Simple Toys for Language Development

Make talking and communicating fun! Here are some tips on how to use everyday toys to encourage language in your toddler!

Bubbles! These are a great stimulating toy that most kids love!! Give them the bubble jar (with lid on tight) and ask them to blow some bubbles! See if they will request help or communicate is some way they can't open it. While you are playing, focus on language such as "pop," "bye bye bubbles", "more bubbles", "blow up", "blow down,"ect...

My other "go-to" toy is my barn and farm animals.

I use this toy to work on animal names and sounds. This is also a great time to sing "Old MacDonald!" You can also work on basic concepts such as in/out, off/on, and over/under by placing animals in and around the barn!! I will also incorporate actions while playing with the farm toys. You can make the animals eat, drink, walk, jump, dance, ect...

Mr. Potato Head! This game is great for making requests, naming body parts, and being creative! You can dress up your potato head, give them names, and make up stories about them!!

Another great idea for this age group is playing with plastic tool sets or plastic cooking/food toys. This gets them talking and creating play scenarios that are linked to functional vocabulary that they see and hear in their daily lives.

Images by smartysymbols and google images, used for educational purposes only.

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