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Zoo Truck Mix Up by Amanda Schaumburg

In this heartwarming tale, Zeke the zebra finds himself on an unexpected journey when he mistakenly boards the wrong truck. As he explores his surprising new surroundings, Zeke encounters a variety of farm animals, from clucking chickens to a thoughtful horse, each with its own important job. This delightful adventure prompts Zeke to ponder his own role, leading to self-discovery and highlights that everyone, no matter how different, has a special role to play. 


This story teaches the importance of recognizing and valuing everyone’s unique contributions. Zoo Truck Mix Up is an engaging and uplifting read, perfect for elementary-aged children, that encourages young learners to celebrate the differences in themselves and others.


This book comes with bonus coloring and activity pages to keep the adventure going (via a download link).  

Zoo coloring page, farm coloring page, picture supported comprehension page, Zeke's pajamas drawing activity, and farm compare/contrast page. 

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100 Laughs for Learners: A Compilation of Jokes for Elementary Aged Kids  by Amanda Schaumburg

This is not your average joke book for kids. This book turns laughter into learning! This book was written by an educator who has worked in public and private schools since 2009. It is a compilation of some of the BEST kid-friendly jokes out there!

Use the jokes in this book:

  • to break the ice with students

  • as a warm-up to vocabulary or literacy lessons

  • to add some laughter to the day

This book is unique because each joke is presented with the question and punchline on different pages with pictures, allowing the child to guess the answer. The pictures add a hilarious touch and provide visual support for children who need it.

Did you know almost all jokes contain figurative language and vocabulary concepts (idioms, homophones/homonyms, puns, synonyms, parts of speech, personification, onomatopoeia, etc.) that can be used as a learning tool? This book breaks down some of these learning concepts plus adds a brain challenge for each joke. Who knew jokes could be so educational? You will find this information at the bottom of the punchline pages. The brain challenges target compare/contrast, describing/defining, categories, antonyms/synonyms, and more. Many of the pictures show a cross between the literal and figurative meanings of the jokes (guaranteed to bring a smile to the reader’s face).

Don’t want to use jokes for learning? That’s OK! You can use this book just for the laughs too! They are guaranteed to induce giggles either way!

Joke categories: food, animals, transportation, school, weather, sports, furniture/home, clothing, and dinosaurs (each category has 7-12 jokes), along with 5 random BONUS jokes.

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