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It is very important that you find an effective way to communicate with your child, whether that be verbally, with pictures, signs, or gestures! Usually the most effective method with small children is a combination of these!

I love when I come across articles that have useful information for my patient's families. I will often share them on my website or social media. 

Jamie Openden M.S. CCC-SLP wrote an article about this for the Huffington Post where she pushes the Simplify, Shorten, and Show method of communicating. I like this idea and wanted to share it with my followers. Read her full article here:


Speech Therapy Tips for Parents to Use at Home

To ensure your little ones are understanding you, try these strategies:

Simplify the vocabulary


Shorten the length of sentences


Show your meaning in gestures



Image obtained from a subscription through Smarty Symbols.

What to do when your child doesn't seem to understand you!

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