How to make an SLP Bitmoji Door Sign

August 28, 2019

I recently posted this picture on my Instagram page of a door sign I made using my custom Boardmaker symbol (they had a promotion at the ASHA conference where you could get drawn as a Boardmaker symbol, not a service they provide all of the time).



One of my followers said they would love to see the template to use with their Bitmoji. So I made you all one! Please note: You MUST have your own Bitmoji avatar, I cannot provide you with one. You also must own a PDF editor (that allows you to add pictures and text to a PDF) or have an PDF reader that allows you to click in form fields and add text/images. 


If you don't know what Bitmoji is, it is an app to create a custom avatar of yourself that has a TON of funny messages and sayings you can send to your friends in Snap Chat or in text messages. You can also save the images to your camera roll or computer. See the picture below with examples of my Bitmoji doing different stuff (you can search to find whatever message you want). Some of them are hilarious. Download the app on iTunes HERE. Some teachers have started using them in fun activities, signs, and visuals around their classroom. I am going to show you how to add your very own Bitmoji into my SLP door sign above.



 Here are the step by step directions for both versions: ADOBE PRO (more editing options) or Fillable Version



1. Download the template here and open it in Adobe Pro (or other PDF editor)

2. Find the Bitmoji you want from your Bitmoji app (I recommend one that is not too wide with other graphics, you can crop the image if needed later) and send it to yourself (email it and save it to your computer). 

3. Select the tool "Add Text" in your PDF editor and this should bring up an "Add image button" (select add image). Select your Bitmoji and drag it to the center of the page. You can crop it by right clicking and selecting "crop." 

4. Add the heading "Where is Ms/Mrs./Mr. _____" by selecting "Add Text" (you can adjust font and font size to your liking). 

5. Print, laminate, and use a clothespin to alert visitors to your whereabouts (I attach an arrow to mine clothespin)


FILLABLE/PDF Reader Version

1. Download the template here and open it in a PDF viewer. This version has fillable forms to click on (doesn't require editor tools. I like using the above version better because you have more control on the size of your Bitmoji, but if you don't own a PDF editor, this version will work! 

2. Click on the text box and start typing your heading:  "Where is Ms/Mrs./Mr. _____" by selecting "Add Text" (you can adjust font and font size to your liking). 

3. Click on the image box and click "browse" to find the Bitmoji image saved in your files. Select the Bitmoji and then click ok (this should put the Bitmoji in the image box). 

4. 5. Print, laminate, and use a clothespin to alert visitors to your whereabouts (I attach an arrow to mine clothespin)


So if you have a PDF editor and the Bitmoji app, feel free to make your own SLP schedule with my template! Please send me a picture of your schedule in a direct message on Instagram (click here to follow me) or email them to I would love to share them! 


If you don't like my template, you can make your own! You can use any pictures/symbols you want. The symbols I used are by Smarty Symbols---> Check them out with my affiliate link here


See the video of my screen recording making it  (I have Adobe Pro) 


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