Frog Launching Pad BUNDLE for Speech Therapy 
A toy companion for common articulation and language targets

Do you need a super fun activity to keep your articulation and language students engaged? This activity will do the trick! I use this with k-5th (depending on skill level).

This is a bundle of articulation and language mats. (The articulation version comes with black and white copy too!)

→ Materials Needed: Launching pad mats, plastic hopping frog toy (frog toys not included with purchase), pond/lily pads (optional)
→Optional: play dough & bingo chips
I bought my frogs on Amazon Click Here to view them
You can also find these at Oriental Trading, Party Stores, and some dollar stores. 

What's Included in the language pack: (each skill has two mats) 8 targets per mat
✓ Categories: There are three types of category mats included: Name items in a Category, Name the Category, & Which One Doesn’t Belong (I have my students tell how the other two items are alike)
✓ Compare/Contrast: The student is prompted to tell how two items are the same (alike) and how they are different. There are pictures as visual aids on the mats.
✓ WH-Questions: There are separate mats for what, where, when, who, why, and how questions. There is also a mat for mixed wh-questions. The student is prompted to answer basic, functional wh-questions. 
✓ Vocabulary: These mats give a definition or description and the student has to name the vocabulary word. Please note, I used functional vocabulary words. 
✓ Associations: The student has to fill in the missing word to an association close phrase “a shoe goes with a _____” I take any logical association (answers may vary among students). 
✓ Antonyms: The student is asked to name the antonym of the given word/picture.
✓ Synonyms: The student is asked to name the synonym of the given word/picture. 
✓ Regular & Irregular Past Tense Verbs: The student is provided with a present progressive phrase (Today he is…) and prompted to say the regular/irregular past tense with a cloze phrase (Yesterday he…) 
✓ Regular/Irregular Plurals: The student is shown the singular picture and then a plural picture and prompted to fill in the close phrase with the regular/irregular plural. (Here is one ___, here are three___). 
✓ Multiple Meaning Words: The student is prompted to name two meanings of the given word. 
✓ Idioms: The literal representation is on the block. The student is prompted to tell what the idiom really means. 
✓ Blank mat to write you own targets on! 

Phonemes included in the articulation back (black and white pages also included). 
10 targets per mat
★Initial/Final p, b, m
★Final t, d, n
★Initial/Medial/Final k
★Initial/Medial/Final g
★Initial/Medial/Final f
★Initial/Medial/Final v
★Initial/Medial/Final l
★Initial/Medial lblends
★Initial/Medial/Final s
★Initial/Medial sblends
(separate mats for sp, st, sm, sn, sk, sl, sw, mixed)
★Initial/Medial/Final z
★Initial/Medial/Final sh
★Initial/Medial/Final ch
★Initial/Medial/Final th 
★Pre-vocalic r
★Initial rblends
★Vocalic r (separate pages for er, or, ar, ear, air)
★blank pages
(this comes with a printing guide, to find the phonemes you need quickly!)

✓ Play dough mats:. The student will squish play dough over each frog after they practice the skill.
✓ Bingo chips: The students will place a bingo chip over each circle as they practice the target skill.
✓ Bingo dotters with the black and white articulation pages (great for home practice)

→To use: Set the launching pads in front of the student. I do this activity on the floor to allow more hopping space. Place the ponds and/or lily pads across from the launching pads (this will be the target). Line up the plastic hopping toys over the frogs on the mat (if you have enough, give each student different color). As they launch each frog (by pushing down on the tab on the back of the frog), the student will practice the target in the circle. At the end of the round, your students will count how many of their frogs landed in the pond or the lily pads (you can make it a contest!). I suggest doing a couple practice hops to gauge the distance needed for the pond.

Frog Launching Pad BUNDLE! Artic and Language Mats

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